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  • December 22, 2015

Although the dream was always V8 Supercars for Andre Heimgartner, it wasn’t until October 2014 that the pieces began to fall in place for his 2015 V8 Supercars campaign after a successful Bathurst event driving with the Super Black Racing team’s wildcard entry. Later in the year Andre headed out to Super Black Racing team owner Tony Lentino’s farm in country New Zealand and it was here that he was informed he had the drive for 2015. “It was an unreal feeling to know you are stepping up and playing in the most competitive Touring Car Championship in the world,” said Andre. Andre...

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  • December 13, 2015

When watching the glitz and glamour of V8 Supercars from the comfort of your favourite chair in front of the telly, it’s easy to be blissfully unaware of the extreme levels of fitness required to wrestle one of these 650 HP beasts around a race track, lap after lap. “But they’re sitting down!” come the protests. That’s true, but the days when drivers could get away with a sneaky cigarette before a race while their race suit sat snuggly around a bulging waistline are well and truly over. To match the level of performance of a modern day V8 Supercar, the level of fitness of the drivers...

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